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Dr Amnah Bhatti-Daniyal 

“I was diagnosed with severe myopia when i was in class 3. I had been going to school, and till the day I put on my glasses it had all been a blur. I remember seeing my parents faces for the first time.

I lived 40 years of my life in-between what most people would call blurry vison and a blur. 

When I started using my fathers surgical glasses as reading glasses in order to write a prescription I did not recognize that I had a problem. 

When I stopped reading my children their bed time stories because it was always so dark around me I still did not realize there was a problem. 

Its the day when my son came to me to show me his owie and I couldn’t focus on it that  I realized I had a problem. 

Dr. Harris Shahzad had talked me about their new tri focal lens and he was my go to guy to get this sorted. Why!? The answer to this question I was to find out the day of my surgery. 

From the prep to the anesthesia I was led through in the most professional manner I was told all details of the next step and so on. Its when I lay down on that table that I realized no one else could’ve done this surgery. It had to be him. 

He knew the responsibility and the sheer importance of restoring sight to people. This was a surgeon who did this day in and day out because he understood the implications of lack of the ability to see.

The procedure went smoothly, recovery was just as unhindered. I promised him a sketch of what I saw during the procedure which I still haven’t got down to making…soon.

I won’t forget how beautiful and vivid the colors were all the while listening to the calm voice explaining and detailing the alterations in form.

After an entire lifetime of glasses, contacts, eye exams, bullying at school for having coke bottle glasses. Dr. Harris Shahzad was the conduit through whom I was able to read to my children again, kiss their owies and look into their big beautiful eyes.

Thank you Doc! You have an amazing team and You i say a prayer for every time I get up in the middle of the night and Idon’t have to pat my hands feeling for my glasses.”