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Qamar Hussain

Dr. Harris Shahzad and Shahzad Eye Clinic were recommended to my mom by her acquaintances for her cataract surgery. I had accompanied her there for the consultation and procedure. Dr Harris came across as a professional and highly competent doctor. He allayed all her fears, inspired confidence and she was treated with the utmost care pre-and-post surgery.

Later, I developed cataract. It would take years to develop fully but it was getting to be very taxing dealing with glasses especially as I work in the field of Education. Dr Harris advised me to opt for Trifocal Lens to obtain a better quality of life instead of waiting for the condition to gradually worsen.

At that time I knew of no one who had these particular lens implanted. I did the relevant research and proceeded with the surgery. My experience with Dr Harris and his staff was exemplary. Moreover, the follow-up checkups were handled with the same professionalism and care. Regaining my once-perfect eyesight feels like being given a new lease on life.

Based on the success of my procedure, several of my friends were encouraged to undergo this surgery and report good experiences.

Dr Harris dedication to his profession and work ethics is laudable. I heartily endorse Dr Harris Shahzad and Shahzad Eye Clinic and wish them the best always.