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Why are corneal transplants needed?

Corneal transplants are required when the cornea of the eye has become hazy and is causing decreased vision.

How is a cornea transplanted?

First, a donor cornea is obtained. This is usually requested by a donation firm in SriLanka. Then an eye operation is performed under local anesthesia and the diseased cornea is surgically removed and replaced by the donor cornea. This is put in place by the use of sutures and these remain in the eye for atleast 6-9 months before being removed slowly. This surgery is performed by Dr MH Shahzad at Shahzad Eye Hospital.

What are the risks of corneal transplants?

The biggest risk of failure is due to graft rejection. This can happen to anyone and it is difficult to predict who will be affected. However, treatment is provided after the surgery to decrease the chances of rejection.